The 2024 NFL draft is so last week. Literally. So it's time to release my way-too-early first mock for 2025.

Over the past six years (since I started submitting mocks in competitions) I’m the No. 2 mocker in the FantasyPros Accuracy Contest, and I'm a lifetime 484-424 (+102.6 units) betting on the draft.

In 2024 I was a terrible 38-49 (-10.4 units) thanks largely to a heavy fade of QB Michael Penix, but I was at least the No. 5 mocker on the year, so I'm just gonna close my eyes and hope my poor betting performance was due to variance and strategic stupidity. Anyways …

Let's get to the way-too-early mock.

2025 Mock Draft Methodology

I've determined draft order by consulting the betting market (specifically team odds to win the Super Bowl and team win totals at DraftKings). I'm sure there's a more sophisticated method, but this one is good enough. 

With this mock, I'm trying to accomplish a few things.

  1. Set up my spreadsheets and models for the 2025 draft. Done. (For now.)
  2. Work through my early thoughts on potential team needs.
  3. Start to establish hierarchies within position groups.
  4. Begin to identify players with a chance of going in Round 1.

I will be enormously wrong on almost everything in this mock. If I manage to get even one team-player pairing right, I'll be lucky.

Essentially, this mock is an exercise in exercise. It's not so much a predictive endeavor. Because of that, I don't provide many notes. It's basically just a list of teams and players with some notes at the end.

2025 NFL Mock Draft

Here's the way-too-early mock.

1CARJames PearceTennesseeEDGE
2NEWill CampbellLSUOT
3TENShedeur SandersColoradoQB
4DENTravis HunterColoradoWR
5NYGCarson BeckGeorgiaQB
6WASKelvin BanksTexasOT
7ARIWill JohnsonMichiganCB
8LVQuinn EwersTexasQB
9MINBenjamin MorrisonNotre DameCB
10NOCameron WardMiamiQB
11SEAHarold PerkinsLSUEDGE
12TBDenzel BurkeOhio StateCB
13INDMalaki StarksGeorgiaS
14PITMason GrahamMichiganDT
15JAXTacario DavisArizonaCB
16CLEEmery JonesLSUOT
17LARLuther BurdenMissouriWR
18CHIMykel WilliamsGeorgiaEDGE
19LACTetairoa McMillanArizonaWR
20ATLJ.T. TuimoloauOhio StateEDGE
21MIAWalter NolenMississippiDT
22NYJEmeka EgbukaOhio StateWR
23GBAbdul CarterPenn StateEDGE
24PHIJonah SavaiinaeaArizonaOT
25DALQuinshon JudkinsOhio StateRB
26HOUTyler BookerAlabamaG
27CINPatrick PaytonFlorida StateEDGE
28BUFPrincely UmanmielenMississippiEDGE
29DETJack SawyerOhio StateEDGE
30BALEvan StewartOregonWR
31SFDeone WalkerKentuckyDT
32KCTyleik WilliamsOhio StateDT

Borderline Prospects

These are the players I currently view as residing on the borderline of Rounds 1-2.

  • QBs Jalen Milroe (Alabama) & Drew Allar (Penn State)
  • RB Ollie Gordon (Oklahoma State)
  • WR Isaiah Bond (Texas)
  • TE Colston Loveland (Michigan)
  • OTs Earnest Greene (Georgia) & Josh Conerly (Oregon)
  • EDGEs Nic Scourton (Texas A&M), Landon Jackson (Arkansas), Dani Dennis-Sutton (Penn State) & Ashton Gillotte (Louisville)
  • DTs Kenneth Grant (Michigan), Shemar Turner (Texas A&M) & Dontay Corleone (Cincinnati)
  • CB Jabbar Muhammad (Oregon)


Entering the 2024 draft season, all I heard about the 2025 QB class was how weak it is. Maybe. 

But I -- who detrimentally hates mocking QBs in Round 1 -- have already identified four guys with a shot of going top-10 and two other prospects who could push themselves into the top 32.

It almost certainly won't happen … but there's a non-zero chance we could have six QBs go in Round 1 again next year.

Right now, QB Shedeur Sanders is a +300 favorite to be the No. 1 pick. I haven't slotted him there, primarily because I don't imagine the Panthers will be ready to abandon QB Bryce Young next offseason, but I do have Sanders going off the board at No. 3 to the Titans as the No. 1 QB in the class.

Running Backs

I have just one RB going in Round 1: Quinshon Judkins.

Naturally, he goes to the Cowboys, who might be desperate for a top-tier prospect after watching Ezekiel ElliottRico Dowdle, and Deuce Vaughn committee the backfield to death throughout the 2024 season.

Wide Receivers

At a glance, the 2025 class doesn't seem nearly at deep as WR as the 2024 class was.

I have five WRs in Round 1, but only one of them -- two-way phenom Travis Hunter -- feels like a locked-in top-32 player right now.

Tight Ends

There's no Brock Bowers in the 2025 class. (And, sadly, maybe there never was one in the 2024 class either.)

Non-Skill Positions

Offensive Linemen

The 2024 class was loaded at OL in Round 1. For 2025, I have five going in the top 32 … but I can see it actually being four.

This does not seem like a deep class.

Defensive Linemen

Oh, baby. Here be dragons.

I have 12 DLs in Round 1: Eight EDGEs and four DTs. And I almost had nine EDGEs.

This class (to my untrained non-scout eye) looks wonderfully robust in the defensive trench.

Ying and yang. In 2024, we saw a record eight OTs go in Round 1. In 2025, we could see an all-time number of DLs in the top 32.


We had no LBs go in Round 1 this year, and I'm projecting the same next year.

Mothers, don't let your little boys grow up to play LB.


Four CBs and one S, ho-hum.


Just messing with you.

Matthew Freedman
Matthew Freedman
Matthew Freedman is the Head of Betting at Fantasy Life. He's a profitable sports bettor with 100K+ followers in the Action Network app. While he specializes in NFL (spreads, totals, futures, and player and draft props), he has also successfully invested in NBA, NHL, and March Madness player prop markets. Before joining Fantasy Life, he was the Director of Content at FantasyPros and BettingPros (2022-23), Chief Strategy Officer at FTN Network (2021-22), Lead NFL Analyst at Action Network (2017-21), and Editor-in-Chief at FantasyLabs (2016-21). Freedman started at RotoViz in 2013 and contributed to Pro Football Focus, DraftKings Playbook, and Fantasy Insiders before joining FantasyLabs on a full-time basis. As a fantasy analyst, Freedman is a five-time top-20 finisher in the FantasyPros accuracy contest.