What is the Fantasy Life Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer?

Making a trade is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences for a fantasy manager. The glory of acquiring the key piece that will secure a championship for your team is enticing, but the shame of trading for a player who goes on to be a dud is enough to test any fantasy manager’s resolve.

Even if you are lucky enough to be in a league with plenty of active managers who are eager trade partners, there is an endless amount of data available for you to analyze. It’s easy to end up in an analysis paralysis situation while weighing the pros and cons of every single aspect of the trade.

We’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve built this tool here at Fantasy Life to help you cut through the noise, analyze any possible trade, and ultimately make better decisions to help you win fantasy championships.

Meet the Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer.

How do I use the Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer?

The trade analyzer can be used in a number of ways. The most common use is for a custom trade analysis. A custom trade analysis allows you to search for the players on either side of a trade offer and quickly view who our team believes is getting the better end of the trade. 

Fantasy Life uses a proprietary logic-based algorithm to determine who the winner of each trade will be. The primary inputs for this algorithm are Fantasy Life’s rankings and projections. 

The trade analyzer is currently available for redraft leagues with a variety of scoring settings: standard, 0.5 PPR, full PPR, and superflex. And if you play dynasty as well, stay tuned for exciting updates on that front coming soon.

Another way to use the Fantasy Life Trade Analyzer is by pairing it with LeagueSync to generate Suggested Trades.

By connecting your team via LeagueSync, the trade analyzer can review the strengths and weaknesses of your team and give suggested potential trades to make within your league. This is an incredibly valuable resource that can save fantasy managers a ton of time that would normally be spent reviewing other rosters in your league to find a suitable trade partner. 

The third feature, League Trades, works as a combination of the Custom Trade and Suggested Trade options. League Trades allow you to have all of your league information loaded into the tool to help design trades proposals with suggestions based on Fantasy Life’s analysis. The League Trades feature will help you to send better trade offers and get more deals done.  

Term Definitions

Projections - A player’s projected fantasy points for the upcoming season. These projections are available for a variety of scoring formats.

Tier - The tier group for which a player ranks at his respective position. For example, a player in Tier 1 at a position would be considered among the best at his position, and a player in Tier 2 would be a step down in the next best group. Generally, players within the same tier are viewed as having similar fantasy outlooks and would thus be similar in trade value.

Consensus Rank - The average rank for a player across all of Fantasy Life’s expert rankers.

Trade Win Percentage - The likelihood that each side will win the trade expressed as a percentage. This is an indicator of how lopsided a trade is. For example, a trade where Team A has a 75% Trade Win Percentage can be viewed as much less of an equal trade compared to a trade where Team A only has a 55% Trade Win Percentage.