Fantasy Football Keepers Advice for 2024

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What is the Fantasy Life Fantasy Football Keepers Tool?

Our Keepers tool is designed to make your difficult decisions about which players you should keep, easy. We know how niche keeper leagues can get. You and your friend are in two different keeper leagues, but have completely different league formats and rules surrounding who you can keep.

Luckily, the Fantasy Life Keepers Tool is designed to accommodate any league size and style.

How Do I use the Fantasy Football Keepers Tool?

Using the Keepers tool is very similar to our trade rater or waiver wire tool. 

To start, input your league settings. Available settings that you can customize include:

  • Scoring Settings: Options include 0.5 PPR, PPR, standard, or superflex formats.
  • ADP: Choose the site provider to use for your ADP. Options include ESPN, Yahoo!, or Underdog Fantasy.
  • Number of Teams: Adjust the number of teams in your league that you are deciding on keepers for.
  • Rounds: Adjust the number of draft rounds.
  • Budget: Adjust your auction budget (if applicable)

From there, you simply search for each player (individually) that you are considering keeping, assigning them the appropriate Round and Pick Number that you would sacrifice for keeping them.

Once you have added all of your players, you will see a side-by-side comparison that includes a number of data points:

  • Overall Rank: the player's overall rank in Fantasy Life's rankings
  • Projection: Their season-long fantasy point projection based on your scoring settings
  • Overall Tier: the tier they fall into in the rankings
  • Your Pick: What specific draft pick you would lose keeping said player.