NFL Player Stat Leaders for the 2024 Regular Season


Last Updated May 14th, 2024 10:37 EDT

What is the NFL Seasonal Stats Table Used For?

Every drafter needs a way to compare players within their respective positions. Average draft position (ADP) can be a good general guideline, but when you’re on the clock and need to make a timely decision, a reliable method for breaking ties is critical. Here’s how the Fantasy Life Seasonal Stats Tool can help you make optimal decisions when drafting.

The Seasonal Stats tool compiles both basic and advanced stats for every offensive skill position player in the league. It not only provides each player’s metrics, but also their fantasy performances as well. Fantasy GMs can gain an edge over their leaguemates by seeing advanced metrics like how a player fared in different scoring systems like PPR leagues compared to 0.5 PPR as well as which players are optimal for various fantasy platforms based on default settings.

Seeing the end results from the prior season can guide our drafting habits, and tracking in-season production week over week can help determine which players to target or fade going forward. The Fantasy Life Seasonal Stats Tool should become a bookmarked page for easy reference for every fantasy GM.

Term Definitions:


  • Team is the player's assigned franchise for the season
  • GP indicates the number of games played
  • P Yards denotes total passing yards
  • P Comp details total completions from the QB
  • P Att quantifies the total number of pass attempts by the QB
  • Comp% results from dividing P Comp by P Att (rounded to the nearest whole percent)
  • P Yds/Game can be derived by dividing P Yards by GP (rounded to the nearest tenth of a yard)
  • YPA or "Yards per Attempt" is the quotient of P Yards and P Att
  • TD refers to the total touchdowns scored via passing
  • INT or interceptions are passing turnovers caused by the QB
  • R Att denotes total rushing attempts (scrambles and designed) by the QB
  • Ru Yds points to the number of yards gained on the ground by the QB
  • Ru YPA can be calculated by dividing Ru Yds by R Att (rounded to the nearest tenth of a yard)
  • Ru TD are the touchdowns scored via rushing by the QB
  • QBR or QB Rating is a score (rounded to the nearest tenth) measuring the QB’s impact on the game via passing, rushing, and turnovers
  • FP is the total fantasy points accrued by the QB
  • TD:INT is the ratio of passing touchdowns to interceptions thrown by the QB
  • P Play% is the rate of passing plays executed by QB compared to the rushing plays
  • Sacks
  • Sacks refer to the total number of times the QB is tackled during a pass attempt behind the line of scrimmage
  • P YPC
  • P YPC or "Yards per Completion" can be calculated by dividing P Yards by P Comp
  • P Att/G
  • P Att/G is the result of dividing P Att by GP
  • R Att/G
  • R Att/G is the quotient of R Att and GP


  • Snaps/G is an RB's total snaps (or the number of total offensive plays for which he’s on the field) divided by his GP
  • TAR denotes the RB’s total targets earned for the season
  • REC refers to the number of targets an RB successfully caught
  • Rec Yds indicates the yards generated by an RB as a receiver
  • Rec YPC or "Yards per Catch" can be calculated by dividing a RB's Rec Yds by his REC
  • Rec TD points to the number of times an RB scored a touchdown via a pass
  • R Att/G can be calculated by dividing an RB's R Att by his GP
  • Ru YPG can be found by dividing an RB's Ru Yds by his GP
  • FL refers to the number of fumbles lost by the RB
  • Catch% is the rate of targets converted into receptions by the RB
  • Tar/G comes from a player's TAR divided by his GP
  • Rec/G takes an RB's REC and divides it by his GP
  • YAC, or "Yards after the Catch" means the yards gained by the RB after establishing possession of the ball (excluding the air yards traveled during the pass prior to the reception)
  • YAC/rec can be calculated by taking the RB's YAC and dividing it by his REC


  • TD% or "Touchdown Rate" is a WR's Rec TD divided by his REC (total receptions)
  • YAC/G or "Yards After the Catch per Game" can be calculated by dividing a WR's YAC by his GP (rounded to the nearest tenth of a yard)
  • Avg. Y/TAR is derived from dividing a WR's Rec Yds by TAR (rounded to the nearest tenth of a yard)