Prop Finder

Find the best value on NFL Props!

What is the Prop Finder? And how does it work?

The Fantasy Life Prop Finder is a tool designed to help prop bettors find the best value on their wagers. 

We compile all of the available prop offerings and combine them into an easy-to-use search interface so that you can save time and find the best value on all of your props. 

We also use our industry-leading projections to compare the current betting line to what we think will actually happen. 

How to use the Prop Finder

The Prop Finder is SUPER simple. Start by selecting your state from the drop down to make sure that the lines that you’re looking at are accurate for your state, as well as the offers listed.

After that, move on to select your sportsbook of choice. You can also leave this set to “All Books” to see and compare a particular line across the industry. We suggest that you use this feature shop for the best betting line

After that, simply type an NFL player into the search box to find all of the available props for their given contest. 

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet is an Over/Under style wager that is place on an element of a game or sporting event, and is most commonly tied to individual player stats such as passing yards, receptions or touchdowns.

While a point spread or total bet asks you a specific question about the end result of a contest, a prop bet asks you a question about a result that will take place inside the game or event but isn’t directly tied to the final score. 

For more info, check out our complete guide to prop betting. 

What types of does this tool work for?

The Prop Finder currently only supports NFL prop bets, but more sports will be added in the future. 

NFL props that we compare

  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards 
  • Passing TDs
  • Passing Attempts
  • Passing Completions
  • Interceptions
  • Passing + Rushing Yards
  • Carries/Rushing Attempts