0.5 PPR Leaders

Last Updated May 14th, 2024 10:50 EDT

Fantasy Football Scoring Leaders 0.5 PPR scoring

The Fantasy Football Scoring leaders table displays the fantasy scoring results from the previous season for every single player in the NFL. 

It displays average fantasy points per game, total fantasy points scored in the entire season, and game by game fantasy point production. 

You can search for a player via the search bar function, or sort the players via position (QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX). You can also sort the players from top to bottom (or vice versa) in any of the previously mentioned categories to quickly determine the leaders. 

Why do we separate this data by scoring format? 

Fantasy football scoring can take many different forms. The most common three types of scoring in redraft and best ball leagues tends to be standard (no points per reception), 0.5 PPR (0.5 points per reception) and PPR (1.0 points per reception). 

0.5 PPR scoring has become a nice compromise between the traditional Standard scoring method and full-point PPR scoring. 0.5 PPR scoring awards players 0.5 points, per reception, which recognizes the value of a receiver catching a pass on offense, but not to the extent that PPR scoring does. This still bumps up the value of the receivers in the format and makes managers more wary of the pass-catching aspect of the game. 

From a drafting standpoint, 0.5 PPR scoring is more in-line with PPR scoring in that you want to give extra credence to players with high route running percentages and larger team target shares. However, TD upside is still more important in 0.5 PPR scoring than it is in PPR scoring just given the smaller points awarded for a catch. Taysom Hill is a great example of a player from 2022 who still did well in 0.5 PPR scoring – he was TE5 in 2022 – but wasn’t a high volume pass catcher. 

Hill only caught nine receptions last season but scored 9 TDs (rush and receiving). That boost didn’t help him as much in PPR scoring where he was TE9 but still kept him in the top 5 of 0.5 PPR scoring. 

 Below are tables listing the top scorers from every position in 0.5 PPR scoring from 2022 with a list of where they finished for fantasy football in PPR scoring and standard scoring as well. 

Top 10 Fantasy Points Leaders Per Position 0.5 PPR scoring in 2022 


NamePoints per game 0.5 PPRTotal points 0.5 PPRStandard rankPPR rank
Patrick Mahomes25.3429.411
Josh Allen24.2412.422
Jalen Hurts25.6384.033
Joe Burrow21.7369.044
Geno Smith18.5314.955
Justin Fields20.5307.066
Kirk Cousins18.0305.677
Trevor Lawrence 17.9303.688
Daniel Jones18.429499
Jared Goff17.1291.31010




NamePoints per game 0.5 PPRTotal points 0.5 PPRStandard rankPPR rank
Austin Ekeler18.8319.241
Christian McCaffrey18.5313.922
Josh Jacobs17.8301.813
Derrick Henry17.9286.334
Nick Chubb15.8267.956
Saquon Barkley16255.565
Tony Pollard14.3229.388
Jamaal Williams12.9219.3713
Aaron Jones12.9219.1119
Dalvin Cook12.8218.31511



NamePoints per game 0.5 PPRTotal points 0.5 PPRStandard rankPPR rank
Justin Jefferson17.9304.711
Davante Adams16.8285.523
Tyreek Hill16.6281.732
Stefon Diggs15.7266.256
A.J. Brown15.0266.244
CeeDee Lamb14.6255.665
Jaylen Waddle13.0248.178
Amon-Ra St. Brown13.4221.7910
Amari Cooper12.2214.687
DeVonta Smith12.2214.6109



NamePoints per game 0.5 PPRTotal Points 0.5 PPRStandard rankPPR rank
Travis Kelce15.4261.311
T.J. Hockenson10.1172.442
George Kittle11.4170.523
Mark Andrews10.315454
Taysom Hill8.8141.339
Evan Engram8.3140.465
Cole Kmet7.2122.378
Pat Freiermuth7.8116.7137
Tyler Higbee7.3116166
Dalton Schultz7.6114.21210