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Dwain: 4/30

Last Updated Jun 11th, 2024 3:25 EDT

What are the Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings?

The Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings a set of dynasty rookie rankings primarily intended to help dynasty managers with their rookie drafts. These rankings are compiled from individual contributors and then averaged together to create a consensus ranking. The Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings can then be sorted by each individual’s rankings or filtered for different league settings and by position.

Who are the rankers?

The three rankers for the Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings are Dwain McFarlandEliot Crist, and Jonathan Fuller.

Why are rookies ranked separately in dynasty?

In dynasty fantasy football, teams retain their entire roster from one season to the next, so the only draft each offseason is for the incoming rookie class. This makes rookie drafts an extremely important and exciting part of the offseason for dynasty managers.

What formats are these rankings made for?

The Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings are available for three common dynasty formats: standard (1 QB), superflex (start 1-2 QBs), and TE premium (usually a 0.5 PPR bonus for TEs). Each set of rankings reflects the unique positional values of the different league and scoring settings.

How are these rankings made?

Each contributor to the Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings sets their ranks through their own unique process that combines quantitative data analysis and qualitative film study. The consensus rankings are calculated as an average of the rankings from all three contributors.

It’s important to note that these rookie rankings are intended for dynasty leagues, which means that they consider players’ long-term career prospects and not just their outlook for the current or upcoming season.

Why does Fantasy Life have consensus rankings?

The consensus Fantasy Life Rookie Rankings are a great resource for those who want to better understand the incoming rookie class for fantasy football. Our rookie rankings are created by experienced fantasy analysts who help to take the guesswork out of your rookie drafts.

What is Dynasty Fantasy Football?

Dynasty Fantasy Football is a league format where teams retain their full roster from one season to the next. Dynasty leagues generally have larger rosters and bench sizes, which in turn limits the amount of talent available on waivers. The primary ways to add talent to your dynasty team after the startup draft is through trades and the annual rookie draft, which makes rookie draft picks very valuable.

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