Insights into your personal fantasy football play style will increase your self-awareness. Wouldn't it be nice to know why you're always sending out trade offers only to be ghosted? Or maybe why you're the one doing the ghosting?

Knowing how and why you play the way that you do will help you to become the best version of yourself. Well, the best fantasy football version of yourself at least, the one who's trying to win and hoist that trophy.

So let's find out together: Which fantasy football personality type are you?

The Jumper

Profile: Fantasy players who fall under this personality type are typically attracted to jumping in head first. They're not afraid to take risks. In fact, they may even seek them out. This can lead to impulsivity in their day-to-day decisions.

Don't be surprised if the jumper blows all of his or her FAAB budget early on in the season chasing the high of the next big thing. While jumpers always have their eye on the prize (a championship), their propensity toward seeking thrills may get in the way here or there.


  • Bigger picture oriented
  • Great stress management
  • Seeks thrills / risks

Strength: Adaptable

Weakness: Easily bored

The Jumper

When it comes to rule changes, the jumper is always going to support novelty over “the old way of doing things.” And because jumpers aren't as risk averse, don't be surprised if they accept your trade offer without needing to go through multiple rounds of negotiation. If something they do fails, no worries. They'll find a way forward.

Tips for Jumpers

Tiered Rankings - Jumpers know what they want to do. You just need some bumpers to keep you from going off the deep end. Using tiered rankings allows for some wiggle room during your draft to go off script while staying relatively safe from taking unwarranted risks.

League Sync - Let the fantasy analysts work hard so that you can play hard. Just sync your league and track everything you need all in one place.

The Trash Talker

Profile: Fantasy players who fall under this personality type are known to be the life of the party. They love to win, but their true end game is having fun along the way. Don't be alarmed if they poke fun at your draft picks or your waiver moves each week.

Trash talk is a love language, and the trash talker is just trying to keep the league alive. But beware, every high comes with a low. And boy do trash talkers feel slighted if you're not giving the league 110%. They expect active participation from every leaguemate, so don't be surprised if they call you out for never making a move on waivers.


  • Relationship oriented
  • Seeks camaraderie
  • Enthusiastic / energized

Strength: Communication
Weakness: Reacts emotionally

The Trash Talker

When it comes to league participation, the trash talker is always up for initiating new ideas. Because they're fueled by camaraderie, they're always trying to find new ways to reinvigorate the league.

Punishment ideas? Trash talkers have plenty of them. Side bets? They want them. Even if a trash talker loses, it's not the end of the world because the worst thing that could happen isn't losing. It's crickets in the group chat.

Tips for Trash Talkers

Customized Rankings - With rankings that are tailored to your league, you won't need to keep asking for reminders about scoring. And you can see how your friends' teams compare…you know, in case you want to give them a little hell.

Rate My Draft - Now when you're showing off about having the best draft in the league, it's not biased. You're just sharing cold, hard facts.

The Prepper

Profile: Fantasy players who fall under this personality type are always locked in. They know the ins and outs about not only the fantasy players on their team, but the players on yours, too. How else can they recognize unfair trade offers?

While many fantasy players get lost in the jubilation of celebrating their wins, the prepper is already looking ahead to next week's matchup. Don't take it personally preppers disapprove of your lackadaisical approach to setting lineups. They're not into chasing outlier performances – they're just too busy analyzing the data.


  • Detail oriented
  • Combats stress with planning
  • Seeks logic

Strength: Honors commitments

Weakness: Critical of others

The Prepper

When it comes to making trades, there's very little wiggle room on what the prepper will accept. They're not working off of this week's trade calculator evaluations. They're taking into account players' future bye weeks, each individual team's strength of schedule, and trends in player usage.

Simply put, you're not going to fleece them in a trade, so don't even try it. But if you do, expect to be called out for it publicly in the group chat.

Tips for Preppers

Utilization Tool Suites - The only thing better than a good data table is multiple data tables. Cross check how each each player's utilization has been trending from one week to the next and make educated decisions – because we're not going to just “trust our guts”.

Draft Champion - We all know you're not going into your draft unprepared. This is a safe space to try new things. Mock out some different draft strategies and get graded so that you know which team build you like best before the real draft kicks off.

The Adjuster

Profile: Fantasy players who fall under this personality type are often ridiculed for playing it safe. While some might mistake their reluctance for disinterest, it's really just an extended exercise in risk assessment. You see, the adjuster has to calculate every possible angle before taking action. Each task is viewed as being just as important as the next, no matter how big or how small.

Sure, it can be frustrating when adjusters are unwilling to support rule changes. But give it time. They just need to warm up to the idea of something new. Once they work out the pros and cons, they'll be more open to meeting you halfway.


  • Task oriented
  • Risk averse
  • Seeks consistency / stability

Strength: Not demanding
Weakness: Dislikes change

The Adjuster

Trades, side bets, waivers, or lineup decisions…no decision comes easy for adjusters. Don't be surprised if you notice their line-up switching back and forth between players on Sunday mornings as they tinker before kick-off.

One word of advice: Don't get pushy with trade offers unless you're okay with them backing out.

Tips for Adjusters

Waiver Tool - Compare waiver wire candidates for your league settings so that you don't have to spend your Tuesday evenings tossing and turning.

Start / Sit - Let the analysts chime in. You'll feel better about setting your lineup, and you won't need to tinker as much.

Trade Rater: Your league wants a response to their trade offers. Consult with a trade rater to see which side wins.