As you may have heard, Scott Fish Bowl 14 – the largest fantasy football draft in the universe, which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity as thousands of players compete in 12-team leagues  – is underway.

As part of the fun, Fantasy Life is running a Scott Fish Bowl tool that will help both participants and observers with their draft prep.

For SFB14 participants, you'll get a glance at live ADP, which can be an invaluable resource as you put together your roster. If your draft is dragging with slow slow drafters and you're far behind the average pace, take heart — this tool will allow you to peek into results from all the other drafts ahead of you to get an idea of where players are going. This is especially important because Scot Fish Bowl is not just your typical SuperFlex league; some of the quirks include

  • Tight end premium scoring (1 point per first down)
  • QBs only get a point per 50 yards (vs. a point per 25 in most normal leagues)
  • RBs, WRs, and TEs get a half-point per first down
  • players get .25 points per rush attempt

… and then kicking and special teams are just giant messes of bonus scoring, with STs getting:

  • 10 points for any punt/kickoff return TD
  • 1 point for every five yards returned on a kickoff or punt
  • 6 points if your player recovers a ball in the end zone for a TD

If you're just observing and want to use the SFB tool for your own leagues, you'll have to take the results with a bit of a grain of salt, but it still helps establish an order for individual positions. Maybe you don't play in a SuperFlex format, for instance, but you could still benefit from knowing the order in which thousands of players took their QBs (and RBs, and WRs…and even TEs). You may not want to stick as closely to the ADP produced here, but you can still gain a lot of insight and knowledge from the results. 

So… enjoy! This is an incredible resource for all fantasy players. And if you're in SFB14, good luck and don't forget to donate!