Each week, I will be breaking down all the pain and punishment that transpires in our very own Punishment Eliminator League, powered by Buffalo Wild Wings. 

18 will enter, but 17 will leave with their tails between their legs as they are forced to face a season-ending punishment.

Punishment Eliminator League

The punishment gods have spoken! Along with the conclusion of a disastrous Week 1 also comes our first elimination. Today we’ll have a full recap of:

  • Unexpected outcomes: My Formal Apology
  • The carnage: Week 1 Results
  • Week 1’s Proof of Punishment (PP)
  • On to Week 2: “Momma is going to hate you”

If you’re new here, be sure to read a full breakdown of our 18-team best ball elimination league

But the rules are fairly simple: SURVIVE or face the consequences (read: the Punishment Generator).

My Formal Apology

If you recall from last week’s recap, most of the Fantasy Life team had the pleasure of roasting our Head of Betting, Matthew Freedman, in the group chat for his super-late-like-later-than-ever late-round QB strategy. 

Okay okay… maybe I was the main roasting culprit fueling the flames. 

Who’s to say? It’s not like I publicly called him out in last week’s article or anything. 

Freedman Punishment

So here’s my public apology.

I’m sorry, Matt.

Because not only did Freedman NOT lose this week, but his team actually did better than mine.

So now that I’ve cleared the air, here are the results. And please…Just skip to the bottom. 

You don’t need to bother looking for the poor soul who finished in second to last place and avoided punishment by the skin of their teeth. 

Week 1 Results

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Nothing felt good about this draft. 

18-team leagues leave your roster feeling emptier than toilet paper shelves in March of 2020.

And speaking of toilet paper, let’s get into the results of this terrifying sh*t fest. 


Keep in mind this is the opposite of the Ricky Bobby Rule. If you ain’t last, you’re first…kind of.

The goal is to survive and avoid elimination. But I won’t lie, I would feel a lot more comfortable if I had finished at the top. So congrats, Chris Allen. Nice. Cool. Happy for you. 

Closing Time

ALEXA play Closing Time! Because you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Bye bye. Tootles. 

I’m sorry Marcas, but as a third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter: better you than me. 

RIP Marcas

Proof of Punishment (PP)

It’s finally time for what you’ve all been waiting for.

The big PP reveal.


The Punishment Generator results were rolled out prior to Week 1 and revealed that the loser would have to write a poem and recite it publicly because… shame is fun? And the entire Fantasy Life team is a man of its word.

So without further adieu, 
I present to you, 
The punishment that was due: 

In all seriousness, we’re sorry to see him go. But we march on.

Marcas Goodbye

Week 2 Breakdown

  • Teams remaining: 17
  • Teams eliminated: Marcas
  • Punishment on Deck: Momma is going to hate you

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 

So with Marcas’ departure, we’re on to a new beginning. A new week. A fresh start. And unfortunately, another few days of sweating it out while we await the Week 2 results. 

On to Week 2.

One down. 16 eliminations to go.

How punishments are decided:

  • Generate a random punishment with our Punishment Generator
  • Announce the punishment to the league prior to kickoff
  • Boot the loser from the league once the games have concluded
  • Collect Proof of Punishment (PP)
  • Expose everything on FantasyLife.com

We won’t know who has to pay the price until the games conclude on Monday night. 

But we do know that someone is going to have to cause some severe riffs within their family, because the Punishment Generator has spoken. Drumroll please…

Week 2 Punishment

That’s right, the team with the lowest score from Week 2 will have to text their mother with a big cliff-hanger and then ghost her for an entire four quarters.

I don’t know about you guys, but Momma Doodle would absolutely be texting, calling, and contacting my husband if I dipped out after an announcement like that.

So, let’s hope my team can pull it together this week. 

Stay tuned for an update next week after the loser submits their Proof of Punishment (PP), and we kick them from the league.

If this sounds like a fun league to you sickos, you don't have to feel left out. You can make your own punishment eliminator league!

Don't be shy, it's easy to create some fun (maybe not so fun for the loser) punishments. Whether it’s an end-of-season last-place punishment or a weekly side bet, we’ve got you covered. Just input your settings, generate, and let fate decide!

You can check out Fantasy Life's Punishment Generator for FREE here!

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