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Use the Sync button below to connect to a provider and import your league and team information. Repeat the process to add additional teams.
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With just one click, sync and manage your teams with Fantasy Life expert analysis specific to your team and league settings. Plus, sync your league settings across Fantasy Life tools.
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What is Fantasy Life’s League Sync?

Fantasy Life’s League Sync feature allows you to connect a fantasy football provider to the website and import your league settings, logistics and information.

This will allow you to view features such as standings, projections, rankings and more, customized specifically for your league to get the most value out of everything we have to offer.

How do you use the League Sync feature?

The first step is to sync your fantasy football leagues. Available providers include:

  • Yahoo!
  • RTSports
  • MyFantasyLeague
  • FFPC
  • NFC
  • ESPN
  • Sleeper

Features of League Sync

  • Team Hub: View everything you need to know about your team, in each league that you have connected.
    • Includes Waiver Wire & Free Agent analysis, including their opponent for the respective week, DvP, projections, and more. You can also view your entire roster on this page.
  • Projections: View your players (or free agents) based on their projections from a specified projection set.
  • Standings: View your league’s standings.
  • Draft Analyzer: Get analytical feedback on your draft. View your draft pick by pick, getting grades from our analysts, advice, standing projections, and more.
  • Trade Analyzer: Like the trade rater, get the ins and outs on whether or not you should complete or offer a trade, comparing multiple players and data points. You can search through each roster in your league to create hypothetical trades, comparing and contrasting the value between each.

League Sync FAQs

Are both public and private ESPN leagues supported by League Sync?

Currently, only public ESPN leagues are supported. Check with your league commissioner to ensure that your league on ESPN is publicly viewable to connect it to League Sync.

Can I sync multiple leagues?

Yes, you can sync more than one league as well as having the ability to mix and match the providers that they are hosted on.

That being said, to preserve website performance and ensure the best user experience possible, there is a limit of 20 teams synced per user.