Best Ball Hub

What is the Best Ball Hub?

The Best Ball Hub is a COMPLETELY FREE tool designed to help you dominate your drafts on Underdog Fantasy. This tool gives you the ability to track and monitor all of your drafted teams, both during draft season, and the fantasy season, to understand the makeup of your teams more completely. 

You can monitor your player exposure to figure out what players you need to draft more or less of, but it doesn't stop there…

The Best Ball Hub also allows you to track your team exposure, your team stack %, your correlations for the fantasy playoffs, AND your most common player combinations. 

It's plain and simple. If you draft on Underdog Fantasy, you should be using this tool. 

Learn how to use the Best Ball Hub w/ Peter Overzet


How do I get my exposure data from Underdog Fantasy?

  • Visit the completed contest page on Underdog Fantasy.
  • Select the contest slate ( NFL 2023 Season, NFL 2023, Pre-Draft Best Ball, etc).
  • Select “Email exposure CSV”.

How do I upload my exposure data from Underdog Fantasy to the Best Ball Hub?

  • Download CSV that was emailed to you from Underdog Fantasy.
  • Upload that CSV to the Best Ball Hub. 
  • You must have an account and be logged into to for your data to be stored. 

What are the restrictions of this tool?

  • You can ONLY upload one CSV to your profile. 
    • New uploads will erase previously stored data.
  • Your data is not exportable from the Best Ball Hub.

Can the Best Ball Hub be used to monitor currently active slow drafts?

  • No, your drafts must be complete for them to be included in your exposure CSV from Underdog Fantasy. 

Does the Best Ball Hub support different contest formats on Underdog Fantasy?

  • Yes, this tool supports data from all best ball contests on Underdog Fantasy, including Superflex formats, and pre-draft contests like “The Big Board".
  • BUT, all data from different contests, MUST be combined into one CSV before uploading your data to the hub. 

Term Definitions:

  • Exposure
    • The percentage of times a specific player is on one of your teams.
  • Team Exposure
    • The percentage of drafted teams that have a player from a selected player's NFL team.
  • Average Stack 
    • How many players from a selected NFL team, are on this selected player’s team on average. 
  • My ADP 
    •  The average draft position in which you drafted that player across your drafts.
  • Current ADP 
    • The Underdog ADP of the player as of that draft’s date.
  • POS RK 
    • Current Ranking of that player at their position.
  • OVR RK 
    • Overall Rank.
  • AVG Pos Pick 
    • A selected player's ADP for their position. (QB, RB, WR, TE).
  • AVG Stack
    • The number of players on a drafted team, from the selected player's NFL  team.

If you haven't yet, you can start drafting to track your exposures on Underdog Fantasy, where you can get a 100% deposit match of up to $100 when you sign up below!

Want more information about your data and how it's stored? Read here.

What is Best Ball in Fantasy Football?

Best ball is a relatively new format of fantasy that has no in-season management and revolves exclusively around the draft. Once you draft, all of your work is done, and you can sit back and enjoy the season. 

Fantasy Football is the most popular format of best ball, but the format also extends to NBA, MLB, NHL, and Golf leagues. 

For more information on best ball check out our complete guide here.