PrizePicks Pick'em Entry Builder

Take advantage of our expert analysis and build your next PrizePicks pick'em entry with confidence. What is PrizePicks you ask? Check out our PrizePicks overview and become an expert in no time.

Do you prefer the Flex Play option at PrizePicks and adding a little insurance to your picks? No problem! Simply switch your entry type from Power Play to Flex Play to see how that change will affect your Edge. However you like to play at PrizePicks, we've got you covered!

How to Build an Edge

To build your Edge, start by browsing through the list of over/under projections or by selecting the games you want to target. When you find a projection you like, simply tap it to add it to your prospective entry, then check the Your Edge score above your selections to see how much of an edge we project your entry will have. Higher Edge scores typically indicate better entries, but feel free to mix and match to suit your comfort level and knowledge of the game.

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Featuring industry-leading projections to give you the edge when modeling your next PrizePicks Pick'em entries.
Last Updated Jul 16th, 2024 4:20 EDT