Free Underdog Fantasy Pick'em Plays

Find your edge in Underdog Fantasy with our free Pick'em plays. Our expert team takes the guesswork out of your hands, offering top-rated choices.

Find Today’s Free Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Plays via the Fantasy Life Underdog Tracker 

The Fantasy Life Underdog Tracker is the place to go to find free analysis and picks for Underdog Fantasy’s Pick’em contests for the NFL season. Every week, our analysts will list their best Underdog pick’em plays on the tracker and provide reasoning and analysis for their picks.

In the offseason, you can also find Underdog NFL futures picks in the Underdog tracker as player totals and rivals offerings become available. 

Underdog pick’em contests work by having users combine two or more props together into one ticket. Props on Underdog come in two categories: higher/lower (player totals) or rivals (head-to-head player matchups). 

The payouts increase as the number of props you include on your ticket grows. Every week these contests will have a full gamut of NFL player props available for you to use and create pick’em tickets. 

During the season, the team at Fantasy Life will look for their best higher/lower, and rivals plays and give you pick’em tickets to use or follow in the Underdog Pick’em Tracker. 

As the season wears on, you’ll also have a chance to track the Underdog plays while our team continues to churn out new ideas every week. 

What is Underdog Pick’em

As mentioned above, Underdog’s Pick’em feature allows users to build prop-based multiplier tickets with specific payouts attached – which get bigger as you add more plays to your ticket.

The payout options on Pick’em are set for players beforehand and are quite simple to understand. Payouts in Underdog’s pick’em contests involve a ladder format, so the more plays you add to your ticket, the bigger the payout becomes. 

  • Two-play cards (pick two) = 3-1 payout
  • Three-play cards (pick three) = 6-1 payout
  • Four-play cards (pick four) = 10-1 payout
  • Five-play cards (pick five) = 20-1 payout

From time to time, Underdog will also offer bonuses for their pick’em contests, such as increased multipliers or boosts, which increase the payout of your ticket. They may also offer bonuses in the form of reduced higher/lower totals. In these offerings, one side of a higher/lower becomes far more likely to hit, making it a massively +EV play for Underdog users.

The two types of plays available in Underdog pick’em are described below:

Higher/Lower: The Higher/Lower Pick’em offerings are simply asking us to decide whether a player will land higher or lower in a game (or season) than his specific player total. 

If Patrick Mahomes has a 299.5 passing total in the higher/lower offerings, then to add him to your card, you would simply select higher or lower on his total, depending on whether or not you think he can pass for 300 or more passing yards on the day. 

Rivals: The Rivals Pick’em offerings ask us to decide if a player will outperform (or underperform) another player on the slate that day. Oftentimes these picks will include a handicap attached to one of the players. 

So, if Mahomes and Josh Allen were matched up in a rivals passing yardage matchup, you would simply select which player you think will throw for more yards in their respective game that week (while keeping in mind any handicap that Underdog has added to the matchup). 

For more information on Underdog Fantasy and Underdog Pick’em contests, you can read our Underdog Fantasy primer article here

What can you find on the Fantasy Life NFL Underdog Fantasy Pick’em Tracker?

The NFL Underdog Pick’em Tracker is an extension of everything you find at Fantasy Life, including the people driving it. The analysts are all veterans and proven talent committed to researching while using the best tools and projections possible. 

That includes backchecking via the Fantasy Life suite of tools and projections, which are available FREE for you to use and view on-site. 

You can find our in-season, week-to-week NFL prop projection tool here. The projections can be tailored to use Underdog’s 0.5 PPR scoring. 

The Underdog picks are always free, but the best part is that each one will have a write-up with the reasoning behind it – which means you’ll get a chance to understand the analyst’s process before deciding whether or not to add the pick to your own portfolio. 

We’ll also have a spot to track the analysts as the season progresses. 

The aim is to take a lot of time and effort out of your hands and make tailoring the plays easier and more profitable.

How to the use the Fantasy Life NFL Underdog Tracker

The Fantasy Life Underdog pick’em tracker is meant to be an all-encompassing tool that gives you exposure to the best ideas of our analysts. 

The Underdog Tracker can be used in a variety of different ways, but a general guide is below:

Search for the kind of plays you want 

Since the pick’em contests on Underdog work by parlaying multiple higher/lower or rivals offerings together, our picks will always include multiple prop that are parlayed together. 

The most recently placed pick’em plays will be found at the top of the Underdog tracker. You can search through (top to bottom) to find the kinds of plays you are looking for in an upcoming week. 

The tracker will also allow you to search through all the plays (most recent to least) and use the ones that you think represent the best value or opportunity. 

Each play will always show which of our analysts created it, so if you are tailing one specific person, then you will be able to clearly see his or her plays as they are produced for a future week. 

Decide which Pick’em plays you want to follow

Regardless of how you decide to use and search through the NFL Underdog Pick ’em tracker, our analysts will have you covered with some great analysis and reasoning. Once you are done taking in their thoughts, you can then decide to tail one specific analyst for the week or simply mix and match based on which plays you think are the most enticing. 

The great thing about the NFL Underdog pick’em tracker is that, regardless of what route you take, you’ll have the ability, each and every week, to read through the plays and decide. 

Place your Underdog Pick’em plays using the Underdog Fantasy Links

Once you’ve read the analysis and decided what bets you want to place, then it’s time to head over to Underdog Fantasy and make your play. 

The Underdog site has two main categories, drafts and pick’em, so you must first select pick’em at the very top before entering your plays. 

For more information on Underdog Fantasy and Underdog Pick’em contests, you can read our Underdog Fantasy primer article here

You can find which states and territories Underdog Fantasy Pick’em contests are currently legal to operate in here

Keep tracking as the season goes on

The Underdog Pick ’em tracker will update with new plays and analyses each week while tracking performance. Whether you are a long-term player or just looking to place a few casual tickets for a few weeks of the season, keeping up to date with the tracker is certainly recommended. 

You find links to our entire suite of betting tools here, including our NFL prop projections which you can set to Underdog 0.5 PPR scoring.