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Find Today’s Free College Football Best Bets via the Fantasy Life Bet Tracker 

The Fantasy Life Bet Tracker is the place to go to find free analysis and picks for the College Football season. Every week, our betting analysts will list their best plays on the bet tracker and provide both their reasoning and analysis behind the pick – along with which sportsbooks offer the best odds on the market. 

In the offseason, you can also find futures bets in the bet tracker as player totals, award categories and team totals/betting become available. 

The bets listed on Fantasy Life will cover the entire spectrum of College Football. Player props, over/under (totals), spreadsmoneylinesparlays and whatever else our analysts feel they have an edge on will pop up. Since speed can often be key in getting the best lines and prices, the bets will begin populating almost immediately once a new week begins. 

As the season wears on, you’ll also have a chance to track the bets while our team continues to churn out new ideas every week. 

What can you find on the Fantasy Life College Football Bet Tracker?

The College Football Bet tracker is an extension of everything you find at Fantasy Life, including the people driving it

The bets and picks are always free, but the best part is that each one will have a write-up with the reasoning behind it – which means you’ll get a chance to understand the analyst’s process before deciding whether or not to add the pick to your own portfolio. 

We’ll also have a spot to track the analysts as the season progresses. Since College Football includes a wide array of betting markets, their bets will also be broken down via the betting different categories (e.g. futures, props, spreads) so you can track based on category preference as well. 

The tool will also provide you with a suggestion for where to place the bet. Not every sportsbook offers the same line on every game or prop, but our analysts will shop for the best lines available on each play they enter. The aim is to take a lot of time and effort out of your hands and make tailoring the plays easier and more profitable. 

How to use the Fantasy Life College Football Best Bets Tracker  

The College Football best bets tracker aims to provide you with good advice while taking some of the time and effort that goes into researching and line shopping a bet out of your hands. It’s meant to be an all-encompassing tool for betting while giving you exposure to the plays and thoughts of experienced bettors. 

The Bet Tracker can be used in a variety of different ways, but a general guide is below:

Search for the kind of bets you are looking for 

The bet tracker will include a variety of different bets, with the most recently placed bets found at the top of the tracker for various sports, including the NFLNBANHL, and MLB.

The bet tracker allows you to search through all the bets (most recent to least) and use the ones that you think represent the best value or opportunity. You can choose based on category (prop, spread, etc) and you can also search via betting expert. Each bet will always show which of our analysts placed the bet, so if you are tailing one specific person, then you will be able to see his or her plays as they are produced for a future week. 

Decide which bets you want to follow

Regardless of how you decide to use and search through the College Football bet tracker, our analysts will have you covered with some great analysis and reasoning. Once you are done taking in their thoughts, you can then decide to tail one specific analyst for the week or simply mix and match based on which bets you think are the most enticing. 

The great thing about the College Football betting tracker is that, regardless of what route you take, you’ll have the ability, each and every week, to read through the bets and decide. 

Place your bets using the sportsbooks links

Once you’ve read the analysis and decided what bets you want to place, then it’s time to find the best price and place for you to make your bet. The bets placed in the bet tracker will always come with a recommended place to make the bet based on price or availability. 

Line shopping is a hugely important part of becoming a successful bettor, and the bet tracker will always include the best available sportsbook with which to place a bet. 

It’s important to note that many of the bets placed in the bet tracker will include early-week lines as our analysts attempt to jump on and take advantage of any edges they see forming in the marketplace. 

If you are trying to tail a bet placed early in the week on the bet tracker, you will most certainly want to do some line shopping to see if the best available line has shifted – as the originally posted line may have become stale. 

It always behooves you to look around for the best line available when placing a bet, and if you are looking for more information on line shopping in general, you can find a quick and easy guide here

Keep tracking as the season goes on

The bet tracker will update with new bets and analyses each week while tracking performance. Whether you are a long-term bettor or just looking for a few casual bets for a few weeks of the season, keeping up to date with the tracker is certainly recommended. 

You find links to our entire suite of betting tools here

What kind of College Football bets can you find on the Fantasy Life College Football bet tracker?

The aim of the Fantasy Life Bet Tracker is to provide you with the best array of College Football bets across the entire spectrum of the betting market. That means we are not limiting ourselves to just one category of bets. Spread bets and totals will certainly encompass a large portion of the bets found on the be tracker, but some of the best edges for College Football betting exist in more exotic markets like game and player props

Below is a brief description of some of the kinds of bets we’ll be featuring and links to more information about each specific market. 

College Football Best Bets Against The Spread 

The spread is a concept used in sports betting that refers to artificial handicaps made by sportsbooks in an attempt to even out a matchup between opponents. Spreads are essentially oddsmakers giving their bettors an estimate of the margin of victory or defeat in a game.

In College Football betting, the against-the-spread market is king. It’s by far the biggest and most widely available market in College Football betting and the one you’ll often see pop-up on pre-game shows and advertised on the main pages of most online sportsbooks. 

Since the spread market is so heavily bet, you will often see spreads change (sometimes dramatically) as the week wears on and the money starts to flow in more heavily on one side. As a result, the bet tracker will begin to have spread bets populate from the beginning of the week up until kick-off. 

To take advantage of some of these early against the spread lines or in-week line movement, be sure to keep checking out the bet tracker at the beginning of every week right through to the end to see the new edges the analysts think are worth exploiting. 

College Football Moneyline Best Bets

moneyline wager on a sportsbook involves answering a very simple question:

Who do we think will win the game or match? 

There are no totals or spreads to bet against. In a straight moneyline bet, all we are attempting to do is pick the winner.

While spread betting predominates in College Football, there will be opportunities when our experts deem it prudent to jump on a moneyline bet. Perhaps it’s a big underdog who is being undervalued in terms of their actual win equity or a favorite who is playing a weak opponent, making it an ideal time to make a multi-unit play. Moneyline bets are still relevant in College Football and can also be used as legs when building out parlays

College Football Total Best Bets

The total is a number set by the sportsbook, which indicates the combined number of points they expect to be scored by both teams in a specific game. This number allows bettors to take a side (over/under) and wager against the total.

Total bets are another prominent market in College Football. Like against the spread lines, numbers in the over/under market tend to move throughout the week and can be influenced by things like changing weather and, of course, the betting handle and volume being taken in on either side (over or under). 

College Football Prop Bets

Prop betting has exploded in popularity over the last few seasons. Prop betting is betting on an event that takes place inside or during a game or sporting event. Prop bets expand our betting options by allowing us to bet on different contest elements. Player performance, team totals, who will score first and who will score last, and for College Football betting specifically, player TD props are just some examples of the opportunities prop bets provide us.

Since it’s a lower liquidity market (as compared to against the spread and total bets), sportsbooks often don’t receive as much action on these lines, which means the betting odds and totals tend to adjust more slowly. 

Once individual and game props are released every week (usually, they start dropping on Wednesday or Thursday), you’ll be able to find a big variety of prop bets in the College Football Bet Tracker from our analysts. 

If you are looking for more information on prop bets, you can find a quick and easy guide here

College Football Parlay Best Bets 

parlay bet is a common form of wagering where two or more bets are combined together into a single bet.

Once you place a parlay wager, for it to cash, every leg of the parlay must be graded as a win. Even losing just a single leg of a parlay results in the overall parlay bet being graded as a loss. 

As a result of this rule, parlay bets are much more difficult to win than singular bets, as they always involve winning two or more legs. However, they are also very attractive, allowing bettors to combine odds on multiple events while giving them access to much bigger payouts.

Occasionally, you’ll see some parlays pop up in the College Football Bet Tracker. Single-game parlays that correlate events from within a game can also be a great way to access bigger payouts. 

Find more information about parlays and single-game parlay strategies by clicking these links.