Dynasty Stock Watch

Buy, Sell, Hold players to target in Dynasty Fantasy Football

Last Updated Feb 13th, 2024 9:06 EST

What is the Dynasty Stock Watch Tool?

The Dynasty Stock Watch Tool allows you to watch and track the biggest risers and fallers in the dynasty fantasy football market. The tool acts a lot like a traditional stock market tracker in that it assigns buy and sell ratings to each individual player. If a player is considered a good current long-term investment for a dynasty team, then he will be noted with a BUY in the trending column. 

Additionally, any player who is on the downtrend will have either a HOLD or SELL rating. 

What is the Dynasty Stock Watch Tool used for?

The Dynasty Stock Watch Tool is meant to act as a quick and easy guide for dynasty fantasy football players who are managing teams or about to draft for the upcoming season. It’s meant to be used alongside the Dynasty Rankings and Dynasty Rookie Rankings to help dynasty fantasy football players get a quick and easy overview on what players are trending up or down.

Like any other stock rating tool, the Dynasty Stock Watch Tool should be used in conjunction with both our rankings and expert dynasty analysis to get a full picture of the player landscape before making final decisions about a player or draft. 

Why is it important for Dynasty Fantasy Football?

Half the battle of managing a dynasty team is just keeping up with news or making sure the bottom half of your roster doesn’t get stale and still offers significant upside or handcuff value.

The Dynasty Stock Watch Tool allows you to monitor which players you should be potentially shedding and which players you should be potentially buying as the pre-season or regular season wears on. The tool aims to act as a guide so that you can catch players on the rise, as potential waiver or trade targets, before others in your league can snatch them up. 

It’s also important to note that in a dynasty league, you only get one draft with which to build out your initial team, so any moves afterward will have to be via trade or waivers. Using the tool as a guide to see which players offer the best upside for the dynasty league format can be a good way to ensure you are drafting optimally. 

For yearly rookie drafts, there is also the Dynasty Rookie Ranking Tool, which provides you with consensus rankings of all the new rookies entering the league for the upcoming season. 

What are the Dynasty Stock buy/sell ratings?

The Dynasty Stock BUY/SELL ratings are based on a player’s age and ranking within the dynasty market. Players who are trending upward in the Fantasy Life Dynasty Rankings will tend to be the strongest buys. 

However, age is another big factor in dynasty valuations as well. Much like the stock market, where young companies that are going through periods of hyper-growth often end up offering investors some of the best potential for explosive returns, younger players in dynasty leagues can often be great investments, especially if you have a long-term outlook. 

These younger players may be bumpy in their initial production but often offer franchise-changing upside. A player like Christian Watson, who started slowly in his rookie season—and was likely available to acquire at a much cheaper price than he was at the end of 2022—but ended with a huge flourish, is a great example of how taking a longer-term approach can benefit your dynasty team when evaluating players.  

Overall, the format of dynasty fantasy football means that sacrificing some short-term returns for long-term growth potential is important to maintaining the overall health of your team. Using the Dynasty Stock BUY/SELL ratings will allow you to keep track of which investments offer the best mix of long- and short-term value. 

Player age is tracked in its own column on the tracker, and color-coded for ease of use. 

What are Dynasty Stock rankings?

The Dynasty Stock Rankings Tool tracks the best assets to own in the dynasty fantasy football format. It doesn’t just track the risers and fallers in the current market, but instead gives you a great overall view of the entire ecosystem from top to bottom. 

As mentioned previously, dynasty rankings will differ greatly from redraft rankings because of the nature of the dynasty format, which sees you carry the same roster into the league year-over-year. This in turn means that managers must take more of a long-term outlook when building out their rosters. This kind of outlook is also reflected in the rankings, which take things like age and potential future upside into account. 

The tool can be used as an in-season guide for potential trades but is also great for startup drafts where you are building out your dynasty team and need the best foundation possible for future success. 

The Rankings Tool allows you to sort players by overall rank but also by position as well. This can be important as there will be times in a draft where you are looking for best positional value vs. just best player available. 

What is the Dynasty Stock Watch Rankings Tracker?

The Rankings tracker is the other part of how a player is assigned a BUY or SELL rating. The Rankings tracker tracks a player’s progress in our Dynasty Rankings to see his movement from the week prior. 

A player who is trending up in the overall rankings will be given a green “up” rating in the trending portion of the tool. Anyone whose ranking dipped over the previous week will be given a red “down” rating. 

A player who experienced no change in ranking will simply not have a rating in that column. 

What is Dynasty Fantasy Football?

Dynasty Fantasy Football is a league format where teams retain their full roster from one season to the next. Dynasty leagues generally have larger rosters and bench sizes, which in turn limits the amount of talent available on waivers. The primary ways to add talent to your dynasty team after the startup draft are trades and the annual rookie draft, which makes rookie draft picks very valuable.

TERM Definitions


  • A “Buy” rating denotes that a player’s current valuation in the dynasty marketplace is too low. A buy rating can also be viewed as a signal that a player is now more likely than not to offer better future production or returns than his peers who are at or near the same current valuation.  


  • A “Sell” rating denotes that a player is a decaying investment and that his current valuation in the marketplace is too high. A sell rating can also be viewed as a signal that a player is now more likely than not to offer worse future performance and returns than his peers who are at the same current valuation. 


  • The player’s current age. Age can be a defining factor in dynasty fantasy football evaluation. 

Prv Rank

  • The player’s rank in the previous week’s Dynasty Rankings.

Cur Rank

  • The player’s rank in the current week’s Dynasty Rankings.


  • The trending section tracks a player’s movement in rankings, week over week. A player who has seen his ranking move upward will receive a green “Up” rating, whereas a player who has seen his ranking move downward will receive a red “Down” rating. A player whose ranking is neutral, week over week, will have a “-” rating.