Game Hub

The Fantasy Life Game Hub compiles everything you need to know about each NFL game every week. From fantasy football to sports betting, the Hub has you covered.

What is the Fantasy Life Game Hub?

Playing fantasy football and being an NFL bettor means that you need to keep track of every NFL team and player, not just your favorites. This can sometimes be a dubious task as the NFL news cycle runs 24/7, and breaking or important news can come at any moment. In order to help combat this onslaught of news, notes, and statistics, we at Fantasy Life created the NFL Fantasy Life Game Hub. 

At the Fantasy Life Game Hub, you’ll find everything you need for each singular game in the upcoming week, including weekly game previews, projections, analysis, betting picks, and the latest NFL news, injury, and inactives updates. 

In many ways, the Fantasy Life Game Hub acts as the cold storage for much of our betting content and fantasy tools—the lifeblood of our site. It’s a place designed for users to quickly view site projections, betting lines, and injury updates, while also getting more in-depth analysis. 

When you come to the Game Hub page, our goal is to ensure that whatever piece of content, whatever stat or tool you need, is available at the speed of just a single click—a literal one-stop shop for fantasy football players and sports bettors. 

In the Game Hub, you will always be greeted by a full-on game preview, courtesy of one of our analysts. In the preview, you’ll find more in-depth trends and stats related to the game and matchup. Commentary on player statuses and potential breakout names—or players to fade—will often appear as well. While the game preview is meant to be used along with the site's tools, the preview alone will give you good insight into how our projections and analysts are feeling about both the game and the matchup for betting and fantasy purposes. 

Additionally, when you click on a game in the hub, you’ll always be able to see the current start time and betting odds (via BetMGM) available on the top banner.  Once you’re in the Game Hub, to change whatever tool or option you are viewing, all you have to do is click on whatever category you want to move to. 

What can you find in the Fantasy Life Game Hub?

As mentioned above, the Fantasy Life Game Hub has a plethora of different options available with a single click. 

Once you go to the main Game Hub page, you’ll see the list of games available for that week. Click on the one you want and you’ll immediately be moved to the Game Hub for that matchup. 

Each singular Game Hub has the following options available: 

  • Game Preview – Written by one of the analysts at Fantasy Life with their opinions and more in-depth stats for you to consider
  • Stats – Individual player and team stats and ranks for the season
  • Fantasy Performance – A fantasy ranking and stat page where you can view the fantasy production of each individual player in specific scoring formats (standard, 0.5 PPR, full PPR), along with the positional DvP (defense vs. position) ranks for their opponent
  • NFL Betting Lines and Picks – A betting page where you can view the current moneyline oddsspread, and total for the game. The betting page also includes any game bets or player props from the Fantasy Life crew that have been recommended for this game. You can view the bets on the right side of the page and expand each bet for more analysis.
  • NFL Pick’em – A page devoted to sites like Underdog Fantasy where you can play single plate daily fantasy and create pick’em contests using the props offered on the site. The pick’em page will also include recommended pick’em plays for the specific game you have chosen, just like the betting page.
  • Projections – Fantasy Life has industry-leading projections on the site for every NFL game. By clicking on the projections banner, you can pull up our projections for every player involved in the current game you have selected in the Game Hub.
  • Injuries – An up-to-date list of all the injury news currently mentioned or reported on for the game you have selected

What data is found on the Stats page?

Fantasy Life has a statistics tool page that allows users to track player performance as the season progresses across a variety of different categories. The stats page allows users to track basic categories like passing yards and TDs, but also has an advanced stat tool option which allows you to view more options like YAC/rec (yards after the catch per reception), passing play percentage (per quarterback), and more. 

Some more pertinent stats you can view on the statistics page are below:

  • Total Rushing/Passing/Receiving yards
  • Snaps played per game
  • Receiving yards per catch
  • Total fantasy points


In the Game Hub, you can also view the DvP ranks and general raw stats of the DST each offensive player is going up against. This, along with the general season-long player stats, gives you a solid snapshot of how each player sets up in terms of their matchup on a weekly basis. 

For more in-depth stats—including advanced snap counts, air yard production, and DvP stats—and the ability to view every single NFL player at once, visit the Fantasy Life main statistics tool page here

What is found on the Fantasy page?

Fantasy Life has a massive number of tools our users can apply to fantasy football, including ADP trackers, a waiver hub, projections, DvP ranks, a start/sit tool, and more. 

In the Game Hub, the fantasy page aims to give you a basic snapshot of the most pertinent fantasy data for the week. Here you can find the main offensive players listed for each team along with information about their fantasy rankings and projections for the upcoming week. 

Along with this information, the fantasy page also shows you the DvP (defense vs. position) rank for the DST they will be facing. The worse the DvP ranking, the more fantasy points that DST tends to give up to a specific position.

You can also sort on the fantasy page via scoring methodology (full PPR, 0.5 PPR, standard) and sort by rank or raw points allowed. 

If you want more tools, you can find the entire suite of fantasy football tools on Fantasy Life here.  

What is found on the Betting page?

The betting page is meant to give you a general overview of the game and current betting odds, while also giving you a different way to view our experts’ bets. 

Every week, every bet our analysts put in the Fantasy Life bet tracker will also populate within the Game Hub alongside the specific game it is attached to. You can click on each bet and also read the analysis our experts provide to give you more insight into their train of thought. 

The betting page also provides you with an up-to-date look at the odds. The hub will provide the best offers available on each game and line, along with signup offers for sportsbooks if you are a new customer. 

The Game Hub will always carry all of the bets our analysts make for each game on a weekly basis, but you can also view the entirety of our team’s bets on the main bet tracker page as well. 

The bet tracker allows you to view all of the bets and track bets on an analyst-by-analyst basis. 

What is found on the Pick’em Page?

The pick’em page in the Game Hub will display all of the current pick’em plays our analysts post for the week related to the NFL game currently on display in the hub. 

NFL pick’em is a single-player daily fantasy game you can find on sites like Underdog Fantasy that allows users to combine NFL player props (and props from other sports) into one ticket. In pick’em, as you add props, the potential payout amount rises along with it. 

You can find more info on Underdog Fantasy and pick’em contests here. Additionally, all of the Fantasy Life pick’em plays for the week will always be available in the betting hub. 

What is found on the Projections page?

The projections page in the Game Hub provides you with access to the weekly Fantasy Life projections for each offensive player. Our projections can be used as a baseline for predicting player performance on a weekly basis or can be used alongside your own projections or predictions.

The projections page in the Game Hub will give you access to player projections for the following categories:

  • Passing yards
  • Rushing yards
  • Receiving yards
  • Passing TDs
  • Passing attempts
  • Interceptions 
  • Total carries
  • Total receptions

The projections page will also provide you with the current player prop totals for each of the categories mentioned that are currently active at BetMGM. The projections will show the current difference between the Fantasy Life projection and the player prop total on BetMGM—along with the perceived edge between our projections and the total. 

For example, if our projections have Austin Ekeler projecting for 4.0 receptions and 68.0 rushing yards, but his current prop totals on BetMGM for rushing and receiving are set at 3.5 receptions and 62.5 rushing yards, the projections page in the Game Hub would show that there is a 0.5 rec. and 5.5 yard difference from the projections to the prop totals. The projections page would also provide the perceived percentile edge if you were to bet the prop on the side where the edge exists (in this case, to the over). 

In addition to viewing the site projections and prop edges in the Game Hub, you can also find the same data for all NFL players in our NFL player prop tool, which is designed to get you set for betting props for the upcoming week. 

What is found on the Injuries page?

The injuries page in the Game Hub provides you with all of the relevant updates related to player injuries and lineup changes for the specific game you have selected. 

As information comes in about players for a specific week, it will be reflected within the Game Hub for you to view. The NFL has different statuses for its players related to their current injury status. Players who have no injury designation will have no status and not show up on the injury report.

  • Questionable: The player’s status is uncertain.
  • Doubtful: The player is unlikely to suit up.
  • Out: The player is officially out of the lineup.

There also used to be a “probable” designation, but the NFL officially removed that a few years ago. That means that players who used to be listed as probable to suit up are now listed as questionable, so a questionable tag does not mean that you shouldn’t expect the player to play. In fact, if a player is questionable after logging a limited or full practice on Friday, they should be tentatively expected to suit up.

Approximately 1.5 hours before kickoff, teams will have to submit their official inactives list. If a player was questionable heading into the day and is not inactive, it means they’re going to play in some capacity. It doesn’t guarantee that they’ll handle a full workload, but it means they’re going to at least be in the lineup.

If a player is listed as inactive, it means they are not going to dress for the upcoming game. Those are players that you obviously want to get out of your fantasy lineups in all formats.

In addition to being able to view the injury designations in the Game Hub, you can also view injury designations in our inactives tool on Fantasy Life. The inactives tool gives you the ability to surf through each game and look for injury updates or inactives as they roll in. 

There is also a “fantasy impact” page inside the inactives tool that provides you with analysis and the fantasy football repercussions stemming from each player's injury or inactive designation.