Passing Accuracy

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Last Updated May 14th, 2024 10:50 EDT

What is the Passing Accuracy Data Table?

The Passing Accuracy tool has all the advanced stats you need to thoroughly evaluate which QBs are putting their pass-catchers in a position to succeed with quality throws.

This data can be used to identify who is playing well, who is playing poorly, and who is a candidate for regression, both positive and negative. These data points can also help fantasy managers make decisions on which players to add, drop, or trade.

Not only are these stats helpful for evaluating QB play, but they can also be used to project the impact on WRs and TEs who are playing with a new QB.

For example, players on the New York Jets should greatly benefit from playing with Aaron Rodgers and his ability to deliver on-target throws (76% in 2022) at a much higher rate than the assortment of QBs they had under center last year (67% average on-target rate). If the Jets have a similar number of pass attempts as last season (627), that would equate to more than 50 additional catchable targets due to the projected increase in on-target rate.

Data like this enables fantasy managers to make informed decisions both in-season and from one year to the next. It can also be valuable to sports bettors looking for trends to exploit in betting lines and player props. Understanding which QBs offer consistent, quality play and which QBs struggle with accuracy can be important inputs for projecting the weekly volatility of their performances.

When navigating the Passing Accuracy tool, you will come across a number of different data points. You can find definitions for the various terms point below:

These pages offer sortable data tables for Play Action Passing, Passing Accuracy, and Passing vs. Pressure. Metrics like these can give us valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each QB’s game.

Term Definitions 

  • TM 
    • Team for whom the player played
  • Pos 
    • Player’s position
  • Cmp
    • Number of completions
  • Att
    • Number of pass attempts
  • Yds
    •  Number of passing yards
  • Bats 
    • Number of pass attempts batted down at the line of scrimmage
  • ThAwy
    • Number of passes thrown away
  • Spikes
    • Number of times the player spiked the ball to stop the clock
  • Drops
    • Number of pass attempts that resulted in a drop by the intended receiver
  • Drop%
    • Percentage of pass attempts that resulted in a drop by the intended receiver
  • BadTh
    • Number of pass attempts categorized as bad throws
  • Bad%
    • Percentage of pass attempts categorized as bad throws
  • OnTgt
    •  Number of pass attempts deemed to be on-target
  • OnTgt%
    • Percentage of pass attempted deemed to be on-target